Join The Tribe: We Can't Do This Alone

The world has changed. Businesses are looking for simple, elegant solutions that leverage their existing infrastructure and let them do more with less. We can provide business with a clear path to the future with small, fast and agile solutions that can be deployed quickly. This is where you come in.

We are looking for 75 new partners who want to create the future rather than cling to the past. A partner can be a solo entrepreneur or a large organization. The key is a certain set of skills.

If this appeals to you consider partnering with us. We have over 10,000 end users in over a dozen countries. We think this is just the beginning. The pressure to standardize procedures, to harvest knowledge before it walks out the door, in government, in health care and in private industry is enormous.

We will provide you with the following:

Becoming a partner costs $7,500 per organization plus $100 per individual trainee. Partners receive 2 days of intensive training off the bat and ongoing training and support going forward. Each partner receives a free copy of ProCarta, $3,000 worth of technology credits that can be applied to software or additional consulting for you or your clients plus all kinds of templates and sample applications.

We are especially interested in partners with deep expertise in a vertical like health care, human resources or franchise management.

Contact me, Graham Westwood to discuss this further or to sign up for our business GPS partner training program.

You can reach me in Toronto at 416 518-0806 or via email at

Peter Drucker on What's Happening Now

"Every 200 or 300 years, there is a very short period when the world suddenly changes - the way it does in a kaleidoscope. This is one of those periods when the old solutions no longer work"