About ProCarta

ProCarta provides smart, simple software to help organizations execute consistently while adapting to change. We help organizations continually harvest and deploy their operational knowledge. Our platform acts as a Knowledge Hub, guiding users to the successful completion of complex tasks.

Our clients come in all sizes, from all sectors and from many corners of the world. Global energy companies, local and state governments and regional health care providers. They share a common desire to improve their competitiveness through increased speed and agility.

Our products and services are delivered through partnerships with passionate smart organizations around the world.

The Founder: Graham Westwood

Much of what I know comes from running marathons or coaching marathoners. Watching "ordinary people" overcome their barriers, mental and physical, to become endurance athletes, is gratifying. They become more sure of themselves and open to new challenges.

Marathons teach you to focus on what's important and disregard the rest - being as productive as possible, with the least amount of energy. It is no different with our corporate clients. We help them achieve levels of speed and agility that seem unattainable.

Contact me to explore these ideas and possibilities further. I can promise that this will not be the same old, same old that created the problem in the first place.

e) gwestwood@gmail.com
p) 416 518-0806